Aug. 20, 2018 – By Hadrien Coumans

We’re part of a living being, Earth is a living entity, so we exist in the circle of life.. in honoring Earth, we honor all life.
Not nationalism, not patriotism. Life.

Take a moment to reflect on everything that is meaningful to you, from the scent of a flower to the taste of honey, from the smiles on the faces of children to beautiful sunsets and cleansing rain. From cherished memories of loved ones to life-changing moments, from a gentle breeze to the affection of a mother. All that is precious is a gift from Earth, we experience the beauty of her life.

Our commitments should be to honor all of our ancestors and all of the children and all relations, by honoring Earth.
Unity is already prescribed in Earth. It’s in the way we are all generously given a body. Earth gives us her air, her water, her food, as she shares with us her sunlight.

Earth is Generous, and therefore, our true nature is generosity.
Let this be our way forward