November. 28, 2018 – By Hadrien Coumans

Capitalism hasn’t evolved since 1609 when the corporate and destructive Dutch West India Company arrived in Manhattan to colonize and then built the wall to keep the Lenape out, which Wall Street was named after. The only source of fresh drinking water, in Manhattan known as Collect Pond, was soon thereafter too lethal to drink out of as it became toxic with colonial pollution.

Centuries later, why do we accept this form of capitalism which is deriving value out of destruction of Earth (and compounded by debt schemes?) The inherit value of Earth is its life-giving property (soil, water, plants, trees and air) which offers the greatest wealth, Earth and only Earth as a whole entity (nature and only nature) perpetuates life itself ! No oil, gold or commodity comes close.

Every territory and Nation should be given a yearly amount of credit based on its ability to care for nature within its perceived boundaries, and the inherent value it cares after (Yes each tree left alone is actuality priceless and at the least worth millions)

Each year Nations can begin with Nature Credits, not debt to be repaid through resource extraction and destructive commodities. This would enable the financial framework to immediately switch out of oil standard and energy.

Earth, in its original form, is the standard, by which we must emulate our economies.

Hadrien Coumans Co-founder and co-director of Lenape Center/ Advisor for wellbeing